Friday, February 2, 2018
Showtime: 8:00pm (doors 7pm)
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Ace Frehley with special guests Appice

Important announcement regarding tomorrow’s Ace Frehley concert: Due to a medical emergency last week, Carmine Appice will unfortunately not be able to perform with “Appice”, the opening act. In the spirit of “the show must go on”, Vinny Appice has decided rather than cancel, that the band would still perform.

From Vinny Appice: “While finishing up our European tour Carmine had a medical emergency which delayed us from returning to the US. Carmine will not be appearing at the February 2nd show. I will be playing with our band myself, and we have a great set and great show so don’t miss it.”

Looking forward to a great rocking evening with Ace Frehley and Appice tomorrow night.


Ace Frehley:

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Ace Frehley is one of the most influential and beloved guitar players in rock history. Ace’s work as lead guitarist and as a songwriter for Kiss helped turn the band into one of rock’s hottest phenomena, with a string of hit albums, sold-out shows (and yes, merchandise sales) rarely matched in rock history. His acclaimed, smash hit 1978 self-titled solo album demonstrated that he could comfortably stand in the spotlight alone, and his long, distinguished and slightly idiosyncratic post-Kiss career has proven that to be true.

Kiss developed a reputation for combining great music with a one-of-a-kind stage show, distinguished themselves from the other bands in the New York club scene, and secured a much-coveted record deal. Then they criss-crossed the country over and over, blowing the doors off any band brave or foolish enough to share the stage with them.

In 2014 Frehley was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame alongside his former Kiss bandmates. Although there has been some natural tension between the two camps over the years Ace insists, “We’ve always been friends. The press seems to amplify negativity. I guess it makes good copy.” To that end, he invited Paul Stanley to sing on one of his new album’s many highlights, a cover of Free’s “Fire and Water.” Frehley explained, “He jumped at the chance to do this because it’s something that’s outside of Kiss and his character in Kiss, and it gave him a chance to, you know, sing.”

On his new album Origins Vol. 1, Ace reclaims “Cold Gin” and “Parasite” from the Kiss catalog by singing the lead vocals on both for the first time ever. He also teams up with Mike McCready, Slash, Lita Ford and Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 on supercharged covers of Thin Lizzy’s “Emerald” and the Troggs’ “Wild Thing.”

“I’m really thrilled with the whole thing,” says Frehley, who indicates a second Origins volume could be headed our way sometime in the future. “I’m excited about it, and I think there’s a song on here for everyone.”

Appice (Carmine and Vinny Appice):

You’re unlikely to find a phenomenon like Carmine and Vinny Appice a second time in the history of rock music. For more than forty years, the two brothers have been among the most sought-after and renowned rock drummers worldwide. Carmine and Vinny (each of them on their own) can be heard on numerous legendary albums and have toured countless times with some of the world’s greatest acts. Carmine embarked on his musical path in the 1960s with the unforgotten Vanilla Fudge, manning in the course of his illustrious career the drums for superstars such as Rod Stewart and Ozzy Osbourne, among others. His brother Vinny, who is eleven years his junior, looks back on an equally spectacular career, having worked with acts such as Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell and Dio, among others. With the exception of the live album Drum Wars – Live! (2014), there has been no direct collaboration between the two so far. That’s about to change! Sinister is the first joint studio album by Carmine and Vinny and was recorded with the support of a number of prestigious guests. Vinny: “As Ringo said: with a little help from our friends.” The album is scheduled for release on Steamhammer/SPV on 27 October 2017 and marks a long-overdue new development for fans of these two outstanding drummers.

“We never really planned to make an album together until last year. We`ve always had plans to play live together, starting out with drum clinics,” Carmine and Vinny explain how the album came to happen. “We both had very busy schedules and finally found the time to do shows together which led to the idea of making an album.” The result is – as the Appice brothers call it – “a great-sounding, spine-shaking rhythmic foundation, along with big giant melodic guitars from hell, and on top blazing vocals and melodies that will tear it all up!”Sinister features both new songs and classic tracks from their “long history in a crazy music business,” as Vinny says.

Sinister consists of a total of 13 tracks, recorded by Carmine and Vinny together with distinguished colleagues. ´Killing Floor` and ´Future Past` feature the wonderful Craig Goldy (together with bassist Tony Franklin), Franklin resurfacing, together with Paul Shortino, on ´Suddenly` and on ´You Got Me Running`. Shortino also lends his awesome vocals to ´War Cry` and the programmatic ´Monsters And Heroes`, the latter also featuring Bulletboys guitarist Mick Sweda, while Shortino teams up with Whitesnakestringsman Joel Hoekstra on ´War Cry`. Talking of vocals: ´Sinister`, ´Danger` (bass: Phil Soussan), ´In The Night` (guitar: Bumblefoot) and ´Sabbath Mash` (guitar: Eric Turner, keyboards: Eric Norlander) are all sung by Jim Crean, while Chas West recorded the vocal parts for ´Killing Floor`, Scotty Bruce featuring on ´Future Past` and Robin McAuley on ´Suddenly`. The biggest surprise of all: Carmine himself doubles as vocalist on ´You Got Me Running`. Vinny: “Carmine has been singing lead and background for years. He´s a very good singer and I´m glad he sang one number on this record.”

Sinister was produced by Carmine and Vinny and recorded at different locations. Carmine nailed some of his drums in a studio on the East Coast, Vinny cut most of his parts in his home studio. Both together recorded some songs in Jorgen Carlsson`s (Government Mule) studio in Van Nuys, California. Steve DeAcutis mixed & mastered the album. Vinny: “Steve was able to get a fantastic sound on every instrument while keeping the drums vibrant and sounding great.”