Thursday, July 25, 2019
7:00pm (doors 6pm)
$15 general admission, $10 for members

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Jaws – Classic Movie Series

Join us for a screening of the classic 1975 film Jaws as part of the 2019 “Better on the Big Screen” Classic Movie Series sponsored by Williams Eye Works, BoroughFive Pictures, and Ed Burke.

Special appearance by JAWS co-writer Carl Gottlieb and post-movie Q&A!


It’s a hot summer on Amity Island, a small community whose main business is its beaches. When new Sheriff Martin Brody discovers the remains of a shark attack victim, his first inclination is to close the beaches to swimmers. This doesn’t sit well with Mayor Larry Vaughn and several of the local businessmen. Brody backs down to his regret as that weekend a young boy is killed by the predator. The dead boy’s mother puts out a bounty on the shark and Amity is soon swamped with amateur hunters and fisherman hoping to cash in on the reward. A local fisherman with much experience hunting sharks, Quint, offers to hunt down the creature for a hefty fee. Soon Quint, Brody and Matt Hooper from the Oceanographic Institute are at sea hunting the Great White shark. As Brody succinctly surmises after their first encounter with the creature, they’re going to need a bigger boat.


Carl Gottlieb co-wrote the screenplay and acted in JAWS, for Universal Studios, and his additional screen writing credits include THE JERK, with Steve Martin, JAWS 2, WHICH WAY IS UP, JAWS 3D, and DR. DETROIT. He co-wrote and directed CAVEMAN, a feature for United Artists, and directed a Steve Martin short film, THE ABSENT-MINDED WAITER, nominated for an Academy Award (“Oscar”).

Gottlieb’s won an Independent Spirit Award, and was nominated for Golden Globe and BAFTA Awards for the JAWS screenplay. He’s won an Emmy for his writing on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour for CBS-TV, and in 2010, the Writers Guild of America honored him with the Morgan Cox Award, in recognition of his decades of service to the community of writers.

He has taught screenwriting at Columbia University in New York, School of the Arts; at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, the University of Miami’s School of Communications and the University of Southern California’s School of Cinema & Television. He has taught and lectured at the Beaune Film Forum and Equinoxe Writers Workshops in France, and is a founding director of the Franco-American Cultural Fund, which present the annual “City of Lights, City Of Angels” Film Festival in Los Angeles (the second largest French film festival in the world).

Gottlieb is a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and was active in Writers Guild of America West, where he was both as an officer and member of the Board of Directors.In 2010 he received the union’s Morgan Cox Award for his years of service.