Friday, February 10, 2019
6:00pm (doors 5pm)
$15 general admission, $10 for members

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The Bodyguard – Classic Movie Series

Join us for a screening of the classic 1992 film The Bodyguard as part of the 2019 “Better on the Big Screen” Classic Movie Series sponsored by Williams Eye Works and BoroughFive Pictures.

About The Bodyguard:

In her film debut, Whitney Houston plays Rachel Marron, a pop music superstar. It seems that one of her fans is stalking her and has threatened to kill her, so Frank Farmer (Kevin Costner), a professional bodyguard and former Secret Service agent, is hired to protect her.

The film then follows Rachel Marron’s life from performance to performance. Each performance features her singing a song (including Houston’s hits I Will Always Love You and I Have Nothing) that reflects her emotional state. Frank Farmer successfully protects her from danger. Subsequently, and possibly as a result of his protection and the trust thus inspired, Rachel Marron falls in love with Frank, and, though he tries to keep their relationship professional, they sleep together. However, recognizing that their relationship puts her and her family in danger, he breaks-off the affair and heightens moves to protect her (many such previous moves were shot down by Rachel). Ironically, in an effort to separate Rachel from her own world, Frank introduces Rachel to his own father and personal life. As the story follows a number of potential stalkers, Rachel must put her trust in Frank ahead of her own selfishness and desire for success; as Frank must face the fact that the threat may not be what was expected. In the end, Frank’s duty is fulfilled, having successfully protected Rachel, and they part with a kiss. Frank then moves on to his next assignment…to protect an archbishop.