Friday, June 7, 2024
7:00pm (doors 6:00pm)
Tickets: $39, $35, $29, $25

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Melodic Fusion presented by DEA Music and Art Studio

The St. George Theatre proudly welcomes “Melodic Fusion,” presented by DEA Music and Art Studio. This performance culminates music diversity, featuring the talents of DEA Music and Art Studio faculty members. Each rendition takes the audience on an enchanting journey through a diverse array of musical genres, showcasing the distinct backgrounds and skills of the performers. From classical maestros to innovative trailblazers, the stage comes alive with a symphony of melodies, rhythms, and harmonies. “Melodic Fusion” celebrates the universal language of music while honoring the individual voices that contribute to its beauty.

Magi Kapllani, Classical Pianist
Sherma Andrews, Pop, R&B and Jazz Singer
Brad Crossland, Drums & Percussion
Julia Freitor, Pop, Rock,Jazz and Musical Theater Singer
Phillip Garcia, Classical Pianist
Nicole Javorsky, Pop/Folk Artist
Ania Kapllani Jazz, R&B, Pop Singer
Kelley Kelley, Rock, R&B and Pop Artist
Elis Lloshi, Classical Pop, Jazz and Albanian Artist
Annika Stenstedt, Singer, Actor, Composer/Lyricist and Musical Theatre