Friday, December 6, 2024
 Saturday, December 7, 2024
 8:00pm (Doors 7:00pm)
Tickets: $35-$115
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Eric D'Alessandro

Eric D’Alessandro, a charismatic New Yorker with an unfiltered sense of humor, a camera, and a knack for storytelling, has etched his name into the hearts of comedy lovers across the nation. His unique comedic style, infused with his Italian-American heritage, spins raw, relatable narratives that resonate with the everyday American.

From his early beginnings on YouTube, Eric has steadily crafted a diverse portfolio of work that includes engaging sketches, spot-on celebrity impressions, and comedic covers of popular songs. His authentic characters, notably “Maria Marie,” have garnered widespread acclaim, demonstrating Eric’s ability to create content that both entertains and connects.

A viral sensation, Eric’s video “where it was” has amassed over 45 million views across platforms, further cementing his status as a digital force. His social media progress extends beyond viral videos, with a loyal fanbase that follows his every move. Forbes acknowledged his ability to engage audiences online and onstage, a testament to Eric’s multifaceted talent.

Eric’s onscreen charisma led him to star in the VH1 movie, “Fuhgeddabout Christmas.” His versatility also shone through in the 2016 drama/mystery film, “Nerve,” alongside Emma Roberts and Dave Franco. Directors, intrigued by his viral videos, included him in the script, underscoring the impact of his online presence.

His talent extends to animation as well. Eric is the creator of the popular YouTube animated show “MariaMogi,” further showcasing his creative versatility.

In the realm of podcasts, Eric has shared his wit and humor on various platforms, making waves on Barstool Sports’ KFC Radio, Growing Up Italian, Jeff FM and the Dr. Drew podcast. His engaging presence and relatable anecdotes have also landed him features in PBS and PIX11 TV Interviews.

Eric is a dynamic performer on stage. His raw energy and impeccable comedic timing have made him a headline act at top comedy clubs, theaters, and casinos across the
United States and Canada. Notable venues include The Borgata in Atlantic City, NJ, New Jersey’s Count Basie Theatre, NYCs Town Hall, the 1,900-seat St. George Theater in Staten Island, NY, and The Paramount in Huntington, NY.

Looking forward, Eric shows no signs of slowing down. His first comedy special, which premiered with 800lb Gorilla on December 5, 2023, has been met with enthusiastic responses and is now available for streaming on Hulu. As he continues to break barriers and redefine comedy, Eric D’Alessandro remains an unmissable act, whose journey is as exciting as his performances.